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At Bambini Pediatric Dentistry, we will always choose the most conservative treatment options available to your child, and we seek to use non-invasive procedures whenever possible. However, there are times when your child may need to be sedated to care for them properly. Ultimately, their safety and comfort are our utmost concern.

Below are a few sedation options:

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Laughing gas is the common term for Nitrous Oxide, a safe and mild method used during dental procedures. Your child will be awake and responsive throughout the procedure, in a more relaxed state.

Because this type of dentistry is short-lived with a gentle effect, it is often used for children. Nitrous oxide puts patients at ease to remain relaxed during dental procedures allowing the anxious child a more pleasant dental experience! We customize each case individually and will discuss sedation only if necessary.

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Intravenous "IV" Sedation

Many children suffer from dental anxiety, feeling extreme fear that keeps them from attending dental visits. We want all patients to receive excellent dental care despite their dental anxiety. To this end, we offer in-house IV sedation dentistry from an anesthesiologist to ensure the comfort of our patients. If your child fears going to the dentist, call us today to learn more about intravenous “IV” sedation.

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General Anesthesia

Deep sedation may be required due to apprehension, anxiety, age, or medical condition.  Sedation may be used if your child needs extensive or complicated procedures that will take a long time to complete, or needs several procedures done all at the same time. 

General anesthesia makes your child’s whole body “go to sleep”. It is needed for certain dental procedures and treatments so that his or her reflexes will be completely relaxed. Your child will feel no pain during the procedure, nor have any memory of it.

Our office provides care for children by one of two sedation methods–either under IV sedation in our office with a dental anesthesiologist, or in the operating room under general anesthetic with an anesthesiologist

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